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'I will call upon Your name, Keep my eyes above the waves, My soul will rest in Your embrace. I am Yours and You are mine...

'I will call upon Your name,

Keep my eyes above the waves,

My soul will rest in Your embrace.

I am Yours and You are mine.'

It's been a crazy rollercoaster and I believe there is a new chapter starting for me now. I lost it all and I'm still searching for myself and hardly can believe this is all happening to me. Have you ever felt like everything you've been living for has been taken away from you and now there is nothing but memories? Here's my biggest fear - someone else taking my place in this life. I've always been fascinated by how people can actually love you one day and leave you another. And then you ask yourself - have they actually loved you? But that's how life is and I can't help it but move on. Honestly speaking those changes made me better, I don't know how, but so many things just came across my path and I could actually distract myself from the painful past with the awesome present. 
I'm so much in love with the future I draw in my head. I finally came back to my roots, went to church and opened myself to God, guess I really needed this now. Nothing happens for no reason. I found this awesome song by Hillsong Church called Oceans. Even if you're not a religious person it's still nice to listen to it. The lyrics are quite motivating and calming. Another favorite of a month is Elliott Hulse. He has his own YouTube channel with motivational videos, plus he's quite good looking so entertain yourself and spend at least 10 min of your life for one of his videos about Creativity, Self-Confidence or Relationship. 
You know what - recently I've been talking to a close friend of mine and we were chatting about everything as usual. And he said this thing to me which actually made me think. 
"Problem is that you're too successful, self-sufficient, concentrated on yourself and your career and too confident"
Well, is it a bad thing? Does it somehow affect my life, my relationship with people and my future? I always took it as a positive side of me - my self-confidence was the only thing which was keeping me going. But now, since it was considered as a negative side of my personality I really became conscious about myself. Should we actually listen to others' opinion or should we simply do what makes us happy? I came to the point if I'd not be that ambitious, that confident and that self-obessed, then I'd not be even a half of myself.
So please, never-ever give up on yourself, your dreams and life! And don't hold on to your past, because what was broken once can't be fixed in any way.

Coat - Debenhams
Bag - Michael Kors
Hat - Primark
Jeans - H&M

Take care of yourself and stay the best version of yourself! 

I love  you all endlessly! 


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