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Hello my beautiful friends! I promised myself to write daily, but I didn't have an opportunity or any desire to post anything recently...

Hello my beautiful friends! I promised myself to write daily, but I didn't have an opportunity or any desire to post anything recently. I got hooked on Instagram last few months so mainly was expressing myself out there. Eventually it is easier to reach people on this social media. Society became too lazy to read hella long paragraphs, yet it demands more visual information. So I had to switch my fav media platform aka Blogger to IG. When I start I can't stop, you know me. So go check me out on instagram (@dzutstsati) and follow asap if you still don't.  
My life is crazy nowadays. It's 2016 already! OH. MY. GOD. I was meant to publish this post by the end of 2015 but guess what - I got caught up in so many things I couldn't to anything. And now as long as I got crazily sick and I'm spending a begging of this year in my bed, let me reflect on the last year and make my new year resolution clear.
Well I can't say it's been the best year for me. I lost some, I got some. I learnt a lot and became such a different person compare to what I've been when I entered 2015. But well by the end of the year I started appreciating small things and learnt to celebrate every tiny victory of  mine. The start of my year was quite hectic but I spent it with family and my loved once and then my beautiful Oxford made the start of 2015 even better, and I eventually graduated from college this year. However despite the fact I got a place in the uni I was aiming for, I couldn't go to UK this year due to some unexpected circumstances and this was the biggest heartbreak of mine and the worst part of 2015. However if this wouldn't happen then probably I wouldn't face the best things of the year either. 
First of all - I contributed in Marie Claire Russia as an online editor and finally got a contract with the magazine (how crazy is that?!). Then I had an interview with Kristina Bazan ( in Oxford University for MC. Gosh could I imagine this four years ago sitting in front of my laptop and staring at her pictures dreaming to be like her one day? And look, this year I actually been interviewing her. Dreams come true guys, they do indeed. And sometimes they turn into something even better than we expect. Kristina's blog was one of the few that influenced me to open my own. And I could not only meet my childhood influencer but also be like her and influence many people/readers who follow my crazy journey being a part of it. If you guys wouldn't be here I probably couldn't achieve even a half of what I have right now.  Thank you all so much! 
Second big thing is that I've been featured in Cosmopolitan Russia not once but twice, first time as a blogger sharing my wardrobe favorites and second time as a model for beauty section of a website. How awesome is that? This made me feel so confident and great about myself! I finally could embrace myself, I finally fell in love with all the flaws I have and became the best version of myself. 
Last but not least is that I could meet so many amazing and crazily talented people on my way. It is impossible to express how blessed I am to have all those beautiful souls by my side. Those crazy folks who share my 'celeb' and 'chilled' moments, those people who are next to me front rowing and those who are ready to share a hamburger with coke in McDonalds at 1am not thinking about anything. I met creatives who influenced me and made me feel so different about what I am doing, some people actually pushed me to many things, and if they wouldn't be there I probably wouldn't be there either. This year I worked with many companies and different people from the industry, met inspiring people and surprisingly became friends with those I never expected to be close with. I lost a lot of friends also, well I didn't choose that but that's how life is. Unfortunately you only realize who truly appreciate you and care for you when you start getting successful. Jealousy came across my way so many times this year I lost count. People who seemed to be everything to me were rude, judgmental, greedy and crazily jealous of things I achieved. I met lots of critique from my closest people whom I referred to my second family. This honestly broke me at one point but I could put it all back together realizing I can wish those people nothing but all the best and let them go. Because they ain't worth it. More you do for people - less you get. However I still believe that a kind soul will always find its way to success. Always keep in mind - what goes around, comes around. God will pay you back for everything you are doing, whether it is a good thing or a bad one. 
And finally I'd want to thank everyone who shared this year with me. Thanks to those who encouraged me to be fearless, crazy, brave and honest with myself. Thanks to my family for endless support. Thanks to those who been negative to me - you only made me stronger and better, helped me to realise that the things I do worth it. Because of you I learnt one beautiful thing - I will never be a part of the crowd, the part of those ordinary thinking people. There are no rules and limits for me. And I'm proud to be the strong one, proud to have so many things on my plate. Those are priceless lessons and only God knows how thankful I'm for those blessings. I'll stay myself. And I'll keep growing. I'll be who I want to be. And this new year I'll never let anyone make me feel insecure about myself. I love myself too much for such people and I learnt to walk away from all the negativity with no regrets. 
Please, stay strong, my friends! May this year be crazily awesome for you! May your hearts be full of joy and love, may only good people be by your side. And I myself can't wait to share even more exciting adventures with you. And remember to not hold on anything, let things be, and if they are meant to be in your life they will eventually come back to you at on point. Stay positive! All the best to you my fellow unicorns! I love you to the moon and back!

Iconic and guess the best moment of a year. With my fave girl Kristina Bazan.

Got to the places I only could dream before.

I was drawing a lot this year...
...And other artists been drawing me.
Made new friends ;)

And been close to old once!

Explored Oxford more!
Been getting inspiration on the streets of this beautiful city. And used it for my first Marie Claire article.

Oh yeah, pulled some insane outfits this year during Fashion Week ;)

Appreciated Moscow a bit more!

And been drawing again!

Made thousands of wishes!

Oh yeah and lets pay attention to the modeling part of a year!

Attended endless number of events this year! (This one is LUNA HARE press day last month)

And yeas some more Cosmopolitan ;)


Shared front row with the fave people.

And I've been still endlessly happy this year!
Happy New Year my beautiful friends!  Never give up and stay faithful!

Best wishes, 
your Anastasia 

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